Bucks Innovate: A Two-Day Build-Your-Own Executive Mini-Seminar

A Two-Day Build-Your-Own Executive Mini-Seminar | September 25/26| Copenhagen Zoo, Meeting Rooms

Bucks Innovate | Copenhagen, Denmark 2018

Instructor-led business and innovation programming brought on-site to European countries by Bucks Innovate, a U.S. College specializing in international training and education.

Offer/Price: Special AmCham member discount 10% with code bucks-amcham . To register go to www.bucks.edu/innovate

About the program:
Whether it’s a small start-up or in a big organisation, every modern business needs to be driven by a unique set of skills that will move initiatives forward and turn each employee into a self-driven, agile changemaker within collaborative, vision-focused teams.

Storytelling for Business: Learn how to communicate ideas and influence stakeholders in a way that is innovative, persuasive, and emotionally engaging.

Business Analytics: Learn how to blend proper research methods and sophisticated analysis tolls in order to measure, interpret, and predict outcomes for your company.

Working with Generation Z: Meet the generation after Millennials, and learn how to better recruit, retain, and understand them as the new workforce.

What Your Tech Can Do For You: Learn how to deploy IT tools where they make the most meaningful impact on your business, and avoid the tech overload of the modern workplace.

In a world of increasing competition, savvy companies are investing in those who can best create excitement around new, innovative opportunities. Now is the time to master these cross-disciplinary skills.

About the two-day, build-your-own executive mini-seminar:
Tuesday 25 September

8:30-10:00: Storytelling for Business or Business Analytics (pick one)

14:30-16:00: Working with Generations Z or What Your Tech Can Do For You (pick one)

Wednesday 26 September

8:30-10:00: What Your Tech Can Do for You or Working with Generations Z (pick one)

14:30-16:00: Business Analytics or Storytelling for Business (pick one)

Visit the website for full agenda and instructor bios.

To register go to www.bucks.edu/innovate

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