Date: May 19, 2017
Time: 08:00 to 10:30
Venue: The Rainmaking Loft
Meet the Innovators Matchmaking Event - Save the Date!

AmCham, in cooperation with Copenhagen Capacity and Rainmaking Loft, is pleased to invite you to a discussion about innovation and acquisition, followed by a tech matchmaking session between established companies and innovative startups.

Acquisition in the EU - Why Not?
A critical component of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the U.S. is the mergers and acquisitions market. Fortune 500 leaders must always find new areas for revenue, so they search for startups that will fill the gap, which in turns creates a healthy environment for innovation to grow.

Across the Atlantic, the story is different. In Europe, established companies are reluctant to acquire startups. Is this due to the lack of growth capital in Europe, or a fragmented market with too many barriers? Or are EU companies suffering from a ‘not invented here’ syndrome? 

Successful venture capitalist in the tech sector, Martin Hauge (backer of Automile, Autobutler and Vivino) will talk about this phenomenon, and what can be done to turn this thinking around.

After the discussion, we will break out into a matchmaking session, where tech startups and member companies can meet each other and discuss future collaboration.
About Martin Hauge
Mr. Hauge has spent many years in venture capital in the Nordics, and joined the Swedish venture capital company Creandum in 2004 just after it was founded. Mr. Hauge and Creandum was behind the backing of several highly successful companies, notably Spotify, Izettle and Vivino. He is now an angel investor, funding firms such as the highly successful Automile, which has since moved its HQ to California’s Silicon Valley.

About Rainmaking Loft
Rainmaking Loft is a co-working space set up by Rainmaking, one of Europe’s leading players within entrepreneurship. They support tech startups by providing them with a highly inspiring work environment where promising entrepreneurs develop their innovations faster, because they collaborate. 

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