Vestas is the 2017 Transatlantic Company of the Year
From left: Lars Bo Møller (Danish Embassy); Lisa Ekstrand (Vestas); Laura Lochman (U.S. Embassy) and Stephen Brugger (AmCham)
The 2017 Transatlantic Company of the Year plaque

Vestas has been named AmCham Denmark’s 2017 Transatlantic Company of the Year for their impressive growth and market position in the U.S.

The annual award highlights the important contributions of Danish companies investing in the U.S., and is promoted in partnership with the American Danish Business Council in Washington.

U.S. Charges d’Affaires Laura Lochman and Danish Deputy Chief of Mission to the U.S. Lars Bo Møller were on hand to present the prestigious award at AmCham's Annual Transatlantic Summit, hosted at Danske Bank's Copenhagen headquarters.

An independent jury comprised of Jørgen Bardenfleth (Arkitema), Karsten Dybvad (DI) and Professor Majken Schultz (CBS) selected Vestas from the four award finalists, which included Falck, Hartmann and Rockwool, all with great accomplishments in the United States.

The Winner
Spokesperson for the jury, Majken Schultz, noted that "the jury was very impressed by the growth and market position Vestas has achieved in the United States. Vestas is now no. 1 in the U.S. market for wind turbines, with a turnover of more than 4 billion Euro and 6.000 employees".

Schultz continued, "Vestas is a prime example of a Danish company taking the innovations and practices developed in Denmark and using them in a global context, creating a profitable business and increasing sustainability in the process.”

In receiving the award, Vestas Senior VP, Morten Dyrholm said: “Vestas has been active in the U.S. for 30 years, establishing one of the world’s largest wind energy production hubs in Colorado. We are proud to be recognized for our strong footprint, and that our success contributes to growth, jobs and cost-competitive, green electricity for the American people.”

AmCham's Stephen Brugger added: "the purpose of the award is to highlight the importance of transatlantic trade for Denmark and to showcase the good examples for others to follow. The energy sector can be volatile, and despite setbacks, Vestas has remained committed to the U.S. - investing massively and positioning the company as the market leader, which we hope will serve as an inspiration to others.”

AmCham congratulates Vestas and recognizes all of the finalists for their outstanding achievements.

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