Expat Leaders Learn about the Unique Role of Danish Foundations
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On May 23, AmCham’s Expat Leadership Forum gathered at the Lundbeck Foundation to learn about Industrial foundations in Denmark, and the unique role that they play in the country. Industrial foundations are common in the Northern European countries, and especially in Denmark where they control 60% of the Danish stock market, fund 50% of Danish research and support many social and cultural activities through donations and grants.

Foundations expert, Professor Steen Thomsen from Copenhagen Business School, shared the history and purpose of industrial foundations, which are unique in that they own the major Danish companies, instead of the other way around. Committed to longevity, and through solid governance and stability in management and earnings, Danish Industrial Foundations tend have a better corporate image and last up to 5 x longer than other companies.

Lundbeck Foundation's CEO, Lene Skole then shared her experience leading a foundation. With the Lundbeck Foundation’s strategy, she is able to use her broad experience leading for-profit companies in order to generate revenue that goes solely into doing good things for Danish society. This she finds enormously satisfying.

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