Danish Government Launches Life Science Growth Plan

On March 2, the Danish government presented its new plan that promises to propel Denmark to the very top of the European life science sector. The strategy includes 36 initiatives that aim to provide more opportunity for Danish life science across the sector: from research to commercialization, approval and delivery to international expert markets.

The ambitious plan was unveiled by the Minister of Health Ellen Trane Nørby, the Minister of Research & Education Søren Pind and the Minister of Business Brian Mikkelsen at a press conference earlier today.

Currently, Danish life science companies are among the leaders in the global market for pharmaceuticals and medical equipment, as life science has become a Danish area of strength over the past 20 years.

From 2001 to 2015, full-time employment within the life science sector in Denmark has increased by 45 percent.

The 36 initiatives are spread across seven core arenas:

  • Attractive to conduct R&D in Denmark: Includes an increased tax deduction for research and development (FOU) and improving conditions for top researchers of the future.

  • More clinical research to Denmark: Establish a national organization to promote clinical trials in Denmark as well as lowering fees for clinical trials conducted by commercial companies.

  • World class Medicines Agency: Increase Danish influence in the European HMA-medicine network and strengthen the Danish Medicines Agency’s influence in the European Medicines Agency (EMA). Also includes the implementation of a trial period with risk sharing models in the medicines reimbursement system (medicintilskudssystemet).

  • Better access to qualified labor: Includes a technology pact with the life science industry and an expansion of the research tax scheme.

  • More startups and digital transformation: Includes considerations of establishing a life science investment fund, improving options to allocate employee shares and mapping out entrepreneurial education on life science graduate studies.

  • Focused international strategy: Includes a strengthened international collaboration between authorities to promote Danish life science export, strengthening the health professional expertise in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to improve efforts to promote market access and life science export, improve effort to attracting knowledge intensive life science investments to Denmark as well as establishing a new innovation center in Boston.

  • New life science unit in the Ministry of Business

Read the government’s full life science strategy here (in Danish).

Sources: Copenhagen Post, regeringen.dk, Ministry of Business

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