Danish Government Presents 2019 Budget Proposal
Minister of Finance Kristian Jensen

On Thursday August 20, Minister of Finance Kristian Jensen presented the key elements in the government’s 2019 budget proposal. The proposal focuses particularly on the healthcare sector and climate initiatives. (not included below).

A few key points of the 2019 budget proposals are:

Health, Children and the Elderly

  • The government allocates DKK 220 million in 2019 and hereafter DKK 225 million annually (2020-2022) to the healthcare sector. These funds are earmarked for the upcoming health reform that the government will present during the Fall. Furthermore, the government aims to strengthen the vaccine efforts and ensure that citizens with hearing impairments are treated more efficiently.
  • The government allocates DKK 100 million annually (2019-2022) to citizens with severe mental disorders. In addition, the economic agreement (KL & Danish Regions) will add DKK 200 million annually to the psychiatry.
  • The government allocates DKK 180 million in 2019 and DKK 175 million annually (2020-2022) to initiatives aimed at reducing loneliness, sorrow and suicide among the elderly. The funds are also allocated to help recruiting SOSU staff and preventing violence against workers in the elderly care sector.
  • DKK 250 million annually are aimed at improving conditions for children in vulnerable families. This includes hiring 460 pedagogues and providing a competence boost to 2,500 pedagogues and 1000 day nurses.
  • DKK 600 million are allocated to ‘citizen-targeted welfare’ as a supplement to the DKK 1.7 billion allocated in the government/KL economic agreement
  • The government allocates DKK 7.25 billion to regional investments – mainly to finance the completion / building of the new Super Hospitals (supersygehuse)
  • The government allocates DKK 780 million in 2019 to initiatives aimed at getting more female immigrants or citizens with a handicap employed.

Law & Jurisdiction

  • The government allocated DKK 35 million (2019), DKK 25 million (2020) and DKK 20 million (2021-22) to strengthen the Foreign Ministry’s cyber and IT security
  • DKK 43 million (2019-2022) to strengthen PET (Danish Police Intelligence)
  • DKK 7 million (2019 and DKK 11 million (2020-22) to decrease the use of community service
  • DKK 162 million (2019), DKK 159 million (2020) and DKK 158 million (2021-22) towards reducing youth crime (24 initiatives)
  • DKK 7 million (2019-22) towards privacy violation protection in the media

Business Sector

  • The government allocates DKK 400 million to reduce a wide range of taxes and fees
  • Tax relief of DKK 520 million when fully implemented
  • Lowering the electricity tax for holiday home owners (DKK 200 mio.)
  • There will be no tax reliefs on the inheritance tax as Liberal Alliance and the Conservatives hoped


  • DKK 100 million annually (2019-2022) to various museums, theaters and cultural projects
  • DKK 17 million are allocated to support the negotiations of attracting Tour de France to Denmark in 2021


  • The government allocates DKK 600 mio. annually (2019-22) towards strengthening the educational system and the job market. The funds are allocated towards the follow-up of the Disruption Council’s recommendations, a vocational education proposal as well as the government’s upcoming proposal on attracting foreign labor.
  • In continuation of the government’s research strategy ‘Danmark – klar til fremtiden’, the budget proposal includes DKK 436 mio. towards strategic initiatives in research and development.
  • The government proposes to spend DKK 600 mio. over four years to replace some of the old IT systems

Source: Altinget

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