An Exploration into Generation Z
From left: Peer Kjær, Bucks County Community College; Dasha Marchetti, Bucks County Community College; Brant Steen, Bucks County Community College

Members gathered at AmCham's Loft for a PowerBreakfast focused on understanding the next generation of employees and consumers, Generation Z.

It’s easy to imagine that recent breakthroughs in business, science, and technology were all at the hands of established global thought leaders. However, some of the most innovative work in today’s world has been led by teens and young adults who are about to enter the workforce. They are called many things; Generation Zedd, iGeneration, Post-Millennials — but for short, Gen Z. By 2025 there will be over 2.56 billion Gen Z’s in the world.

During this inspirational session, Bucks County Community College’s Executive Director, Dasha Marchetti, explained the traits of the generation, and gave advice on how to understand their needs and expectations to get a preview of how they will be as employees. 

To download the presentation, click here.

Bucks County Community College
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