Danish Government: Recruiting International Talents Should Be Easier
Minister of Employment Troels Lund Poulsen and Minister of Immigration & Integration Inger Støjberg

On October 3rd, Minister of Immigration and Integration Inger Støjberg and Minister of Employment Troels Lund Poulsen presented the key elements in the government’s proposal to improve Denmark’s ability to attract and recruit foreign labor.

The key elements are:

A new amount scheme (‘beløbsordning’) for investment countries
With the current amount scheme, a foreign worker is allowed to work in Denmark, if his or her salary exceeds a specific amount. The amount limit is currently DKK 418,000 (yearly salary). The government is proposing a new amount scheme with a limit of DKK 330,000 for workers from third countries with the largest investment flows to and from Denmark (Top 30).

Modernize the ‘positive list’
The ‘Positive List’ is a list of job titles within industries suffering from a national shortage of highly qualified labor. These job titles may form the basis for a residence permit, if the employee has a relevant education (min. Bachelor Degree). The government is proposing a modernization of the ‘positive list’ to include both a national and regional level in order to meet the needs for more competencies in the labor market. The government proposes that unemployment funds should supplement the national ‘positive list’ on all levels of education within the specific field of set education fund. In addition, the regional labour market councils (RAR) should have the opportunity to compile regional ‘positive lists’ on all educational levels as a supplement to the national list.

A more flexible fast-track scheme
The fast-track scheme allows certified companies a speedy and smooth process in getting skilled, foreign talents to Denmark. The scheme allows the employee to begin working while his or her case is being reviewed. Today, companies are at risk of being quarantined from the fast-track scheme for two years on the basis of minor errors. The government proposes a range of initiatives that will help ensure a smoother and more flexible fast-track scheme, which includes a one-year quarantine period instead of a two-year period.

Repealing the demand for a Danish bank account
Today, in order to use the fast-track scheme, an employee must establish a Danish bank account. This is challenging for the companies – particularly in relation to short project hires. The government proposes to repeal the demand in order to make the scheme more flexible.

Simplification and deregulation
The government proposal includes a range of rule simplifications that are aimed at securing a smooth and easy process for the companies in recruiting foreign skilled labor.

Enhanced recruitment of European labor and retaining international graduates
A majority of the foreign labor in Denmark originates from Europe – and from very few European countries but competition for European labor has increased during the past few years. The government’s proposal thus includes a range of initiatives aimed at strengthening the recruitment of labor from all over Europe. In addition, the government will strengthen the efforts to retain more international graduates after they receiving a Danish Master’s Degree.

To read more about the proposal, click here (in Danish).

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