Government & DF Presents 2019 National Budget Agreement (Finanslov)
Minister of Finance Kristian Jensen Presents the 2019 Finanslov

On November 30, the Danish Government and Danish People’s Party (DF) reached an agreement on the 2019 National Budget (Finanslov).

The key focus areas of the 2019 National Budget are aimed at pensioners’ private economy, increased restrictions on immigration, initiatives within the health sector and for the elderly. The government and DF are also allocating funds towards green climate initiatives.

Minister of Finance Kristian Jensen says: “The government has made a good agreement with Danish People’s Party, where we utilize the strong Danish economy to enhance our core welfare areas and generate growth. We are investing in better healthcare and eldercare, and we are ensuring that pensioners gain from of the economic upturn. With this agreement, ‘satspuljen’ (special pool for social funds) will be discontinued in its current form and replaced by a mandatory pension saving scheme for people on unemployment benefits, social welfare etc. We are also prioritizing a ‘Greener Denmark’ by investing in the climate, environment and nature, and we are enforcing stricter regulations on immigration. With this agreement, we are taking care of the money and of Denmark”.

The key points in the 2019 National Budget agreement are:

Business and industry

  • Approximately DKK 500 million annually are earmarked for lowering taxes and as well as assisting trade and industry.
  • Kattegat-DKK 15 million (2019) will be allocated in 2019, DKK 25 million (2020) and DKK 20 million (2021) for the exploration of a permanent Kattegat-connection.
  • SØIK (State Prosecutor for Serious Economic and International Crime) receives 30 years of full-time equivalent earmarked towards money laundering prevention.


  • Criminal immigrants with exceptional leave to remain are moved from the Departure Center Kærshovedgård in Jutland to a new exit center on the island of Lindholm
  • Additional funds are allocated for to prolong the temporary boarder control.


  • The basic state pension will be raised in 2019
  • The amount limit for pensioners’ earnings will raised.


  • A reserve of DKK 120,5 million (2019), DKK 138,5 million (2020), DKK 138,6 million (2021) and DKK 138,7 million (2022), will be allocated towards the upcoming healthcare reform.
  • DKK 13 million (2019) and DKK 26 million annually (2020-2022) will be allocated for free HPV-vaccinations for boys at the age of 12 by July 1st 2019 or hereafter.
  • The waste fee, currently charged for 250.000 companies, is removed.

To read the full agreement, click here (in Danish).

Source: Regeringen.dk and Altinget (own translation)

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