AmCham HR Committee Launches 2019 'Employee Life Cycle' Program

AmCham’s HR Committee is pleased to announce the launch of its 2019 program of events!

This year, AmCham’s HR Committee will focus on The Employee Life Cycle - to identify the employee’s journey within an organization and determine how to balance the needs of both the business and employee, in order to utilize the workforce as optimally as possible, for as long as possible.

For the first time in history, four generations are working side by side in the workplace, generating new & challenging dynamics for employers to manage. That, combined with the general lack of talent in the marketplace, underscores the need for an effective human capital strategy that builds on and incorporates each generations’ strengths, and develops the current workforce in the most advantageous way.

Join AmCham’s HR Committee on this journey through the Employee Life Cycle in 2019, to discuss a future that includes higher productivity and full engagement of your employees.

Events Program 2019

Employee Life Cycle I: Bridging the Generation Gap (February 26)
During this event, we will hear from employees in different stages of their careers on topics such as technology, new skills, disruption, work-life balance, and leadership. The event will feature a showcase and hands-on demo of new technologies that are helping to bridge the gap and drive engagement. Read more and register here.

Employee Life Cycle II: How Performance Culture Drives Engagement (May 24)
This event will focus on the importance of leadership in performance management. At the event, we will discuss how to build a winning culture where employees have a clear idea of company purpose and values, and strive to do their best as well as which performance measurement tools have proven successful. We will discuss how to nurture a healthy culture where performance & feedback help drive commitment and productivity and stimulate talent development at all career stages. Read more and register here.

Employee Life Cycle III: Inclusive Leadership (Q3)
Inspiring managers to become leaders. Effective talent attraction and succession planning are challenging, especially when looking for people who can take the organization to the next level. As diversity is key to innovating into the future, employers must find and develop leaders early on.

Employee Life Cycle IV: Work-Life Extension (Q4)
Nobody talks about the final years of a working career.  This discussion will center around the need to adjust current employee cycles, investigate the roots of internal bias and bring forward the benefits of older employees with long term HR planning. The event will feature inspirational stories from employees & employers who are successfully maximizing the years on the job.

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