2012 Independence Day Celebration at Rydhave
Presentation of the Colors (Photo by Omar Ingerslev.)
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On June 29, Ambassador Laurie S. Fulton graciously opened her home in celebration of American Independence. More than 1,600 guests from the worlds of politics, diplomacy, business, culture and education joined the celebration at the Ambassador’s beautiful residence, Rydhave, north of Copenhagen. The exclusive afternoon reception featured American food and beverages made possible by generous in-kind donations and sponsorship from several AmCham Denmark members.

In her speech, Ambassador Fulton reminded the audience of the importance of the relationship between Denmark and the USA, and the fundamental democratic values that both countries share. Let Freedom Ring was the theme of the day, and the Ambassador talked about the idea of freedom and basic human rights, and the historic symbolism in famous patriotic songs in both countries that illustrate this idea.

'America' was written by Samuel Francis Smith 180 years ago, and was the unofficial national anthem until 1915.  The song professes patriotism to America, utilizing the famous phrase, 'Let Freedom Ring.' Hans Christian Andersen wrote a similar song of patriotism called 'I Danmark er Jeg Født,' which also struck the soul of patriotism in Denmark when written in 1850 during the war between Denmark and Germany. In legend, it is said that the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia rang in 1776 after the Declaration of Independence was signed, as they did when the Germans surrendered in 1945 at the end of WWII.

Every school child in their respective lands know these songs, and the phrases within these songs have been utilized over and over to this day. The Ambassador encouraged everyone to "Rejoice in the democratic principles, and renew our dedication to our common values of freedom and human rights."

To read the Ambassador's full speech, click here.

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