2015 Barometer: International Companies Stay the Course

The 2015 Business Barometer – launched at the Foreign Investor Summit – shows international companies growing and investing in Denmark.

"It is the most positive response we have seen since we started the annual survey in 2007,” says AmCham’s Executive Director, Stephen Brugger. He elaborates, "The survey clearly shows that Denmark has a number of strong selling points when it comes to attracting investments and talent from abroad – not the least in regards to making it possible to have a high quality of life."

The survey also shows that Denmark continues to be challenged by a high level of costs, and some companies are experiencing problems with getting people with the right competences. Stephen Brugger argues that this is a cause for concern: “Even if most companies are doing fine, the ones that can’t find the right people are liable to look elsewhere. So if we want to avoid jobs and growth moving out of Denmark, we have to continue to improve our competitive position.”

The 2015 Business Barometer also confirms that companies expect a transatlantic free trade agreement to lead to more trade and investment for them. According to Stephen Brugger this needs to be put into perspective, and he adds: "Obviously a TTIP-agreement would not fundamentally alter the way business is done, and it would only be relevant to some companies, but even so: If we can get a deal that truly removes obstacles, the TTIP would surely lead to more growth and jobs. So let’s get it done!"

The AmCham Business Barometer is an annual survey of multinational companies with activities in Denmark. The survey has been conducted since 2007, and most of the questions have been asked consistently for the past 6 years, thus making it possible to compare the results over time. The 2015 survey was conducted in June 2015. It was sent to 231 general managers (or approved alternate), and 96 companies with 59,000 employees in Denmark have responded – a 42 % response rate.

AmCham wishes to take this opportunity to thank the companies who participated in the survey. They are truly the cornerstone on which we build our “Voice for International Business”.

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