New rules for Driver’s Licenses Will Apply from April 1

As announced shortly before Christmas, it will now be possible for people with driver’s licenses from the U.S., Australia and Canada to exchange their license without going through the ordeal of taking a Danish test.

The Administrative Order implementing the new rules was published on March 4 (Danish language version available here) and as expected the main change is that the applicant will have to sign a declaration stating that

  • Their license has not been revoked within the latest 5 years and that it is not limited or conditional in any way
  • They have been driving (a normal car) regularly over the latest two years.

Please note the following:

The list of “Group 2” countries can be found on the website of the Danish Road Safety Agency – Færdselsstyrelsen (www.fstyr.dk). However, the list current includes only Singapore, and it will not be updated to include the new Group 2 countries (i.e. the U.S., Australia and Canada) before April 1.

Applications submitted before April 1 will be dealt with under the existing rules. Although we assume it will be possible to withdraw an application and submit a new one under the new rules, there is some uncertainty in this area. Therefore, we recommend waiting until the new rules are in place.

The new rules allow people with licenses from both Group 1 and 2 countries to use their (foreign) license for 1 year before exchanging it. They do not explicitly deal with the situation where a person has been resident in Denmark for more than one year without exchanging their license. In theory, it should be possible to exchange the license even after 1 year – however, this implies that the person has not had a valid license for a period of time, which creates a dilemma in relation to the declaration mentioned above.

Finally, any and all questions relating to the validity and exchange of driver’s licenses should be directed to the local Citizens Service Centers, as they are the ones who will be managing the rules on a day to day basis.

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