International School Capacity is Insufficient

International school capacity is insufficient. Foreign workers need certainty that their children have a place to go to school.

“I have put my daughter on waiting lists and been told that the classes are overfull, and that there will never be an opening.  We found a spot in a public international school, but as such, it would require that the commune subsidize the tuition. As our daughter was 14 at the time, the commune said that they would not consider this a viable option as she was “too old” for them to make the investment.” - Expat employee at Microsoft Denmark

“We have been unable to fill vacant positions due to the lack of international school seats for candidates’ children.  Employees are turning down challenging career opportunities because of this. This negatively impacts the company’s ability to compete in the global marketplace.” - HR Manager, Shell Denmark

For foreign workers with school age children, a major challenge is securing a place at an international school.  It has previously been estimated that there is a shortage of 2,400 international school places in the greater Copenhagen area.  The study "Staying in Denmark - Is Denmark a Nice Place to Work?" showed furthermore that 37% of the foreign workers who already live in Denmark were considering moving due to the many challenges they face, including the lack of school places.  AmCham Denmark believes that there is a big demand for capacity in international schools and that it is a serious problem in relation to attracting and retaining foreign talent.

One way to alleviate some capacity pressure, at least in the upper grades, is to increase the availability of international educations in public schools, specifically the International Baccalaureate (IB) degree.

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