Transatlantic Trade

The relationship between the European Union and the United States has frequently been compared to that of an old married couple; deeply united, occasionally quarrelsome, but steadfastly committed because we are constantly reminded of how much we have in common.  This 60-year  “marriage”, like any successful marriage, has figured out each other’s idiosyncrasies, upon more than one occasion accommodated the wishes of their partner, and figured out how to pick their battles when it comes time to squabble.  And because of this experience the relationship has grown stronger over the years.  Today, EU and U.S. economies are so intertwined that combined they make up 60% of global GDP, and constitute a $4 trillion transatlantic economy that provides approximately 14 million jobs.

So far, political leaders have pledged to strengthen transatlantic economic ties.  The Transatlantic Economic Council (TEC) has been created and empowered to resolve regulatory differences on a wide range of issues.  Currently, through the TEC, both sides have identified a work plan to resolve a number of key regulatory barriers, which over the years have driven up consumer costs and made companies less competitive. 

AmCham Denmark believes it is critically important to continue the momentum, champion the progress, and redouble trans-Atlantic efforts.  U.S. and Danish companies alike should pay attention, be supportive, and push both governments to deliver on the promise that regulatory cooperation holds to our combined economic future.


AmCham Denmark in cooperation with the Confederation of Danish Industry(DI) is pleased to share this new report documenting the extensive impact of U.S. companies on the Danish economy.

The publication is titled 'U.S. Companies in Denmark - Trade, Jobs & Investments'.

The report takes a closer look at the U.S. companies that have chosen to do business in Denmark: the type of companies, what sectors they are in, how they have come here and where they have had a particular impact. 

Read the full publication here.

Confederation of Danish Industry (DI) has also published a report on the impact of Danish companies in the U.S. The U.S. market is Denmark's largest trading partner outside the European Union. Exports to the U.S. represent more than $14 billion, which are the foundation of investments, growth and job creation. 

This publication examines the contribution of Danish companies to the U.S. economy in trade and job creation. It highlights key sectors where Danish companies are global leaders and where opportunities should be explored for the mutual benefit of our economies. 

Read the full publication here.


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