AmCham in the Nordics

The Region

Population: 24.6 million

Total Area: 1,155,554 square km

Government Types: Constitutional monarchy (Denmark, Norway, Sweden); Parliamentary republic (Finland)

Main Languages: Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish. English is the first foreign language and very widely spoken and understood.


The AmChams in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden have a strong cooperation. International companies view our region increasingly as one market and our cooperation means that we stand ready to provide comprehensive regional services to these companies.  Below is the contact information for our Nordic affiliates. For a list of all AmChams in Europe, click here

AmCham Finland
Kriistina Helenius, Managing Director               
Etelaranta 6A
FI-00130 Helsinki
Tel: (+358) 40 466 4576
Email: info@amcham.fi
WWW: www.amcham.fi

U.S. Commercial Service
Nicholas Kuchova, Regional Senior Commercial Officer
Itäinen Puistotie 14 B
FI-00140 Helsinki
Tel: (+358) 9 616 25342
Email: helsinki.office.box@mail.doc.gov
WWW: www.buyusa.gov/finland/en

AmCham Norway
Jason Turflinger, Managing Director
Lille Grensen 5
N-0159 Oslo
Tel: (+47) 22 41 50 10
Email: amcham@amcham.no
WWW: www.amcham.no

U.S. Commercial Service
Vidar Keyn, Head of Commercial Section
Henrik Ibsens gate 48
N-0244 Oslo
Tel: (+47) 21 30 88 66
Email: oslo.office.box@mail.doc.gov
WWW: www.buyusa.gov/norway/en

AmCham Sweden
Peter Dahlen, Managing Director
Jakobs Torg 3, P.O. Box 16050
SE-103 21 Stockholm
Tel: (+46) 8 506 126 10
Email: amcham@chamber.se
WWW: www.amchamswe.se

U.S. Commercial Service

Nicholas Kuchova, Regional Senior Commercial Officer
Dag Hammarskjölds Väg 31
SE-115 89 Stockholm
Tel: (+46) 8 783 5348
Email: stockholm.office.box@mail.doc.gov
WWW: www.buyusa.gov/sweden/en

AmCham Denmark
Stephen Brugger, Executive Director
Christians Brygge 26
DK-1559 Copenhagen V
Tel: (+45) 33 93 29 32
Email: mail@amcham.dk
WWW: www.amcham.dk

U.S. Commercial Service
Bjarke Frederiksen, Head of Commercial Section
Dag Hammarskjölds Allé 24
DK-2100 Copenhagen Ø
Tel: (+45) 33 41 7315
Email: copenhagen.office.box@mail.doc.gov
WWW: www.buyusa.gov/denmark/en

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