ESAC 2014

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Event:  ESAC 2014

Date:   April 30th 2014

Place:   Scandic Copenhagen Hotel

The 14th annual Executive Seminar in Analytical Chemistry, ESAC 2014, will be held on April 30th 2014.

This unique industry event is an ideal opportunity to learn about the latest developments in analytical instruments from six of the most progressive vendors in the industry, and to hear from leading scientific researchers from all fields of analytical chemistry as they present their experiences, methods and results. 

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Special keynote speaker:

Dr. Xenia Trier, MSc, PhD Division of Food Chemistry, DTU Food, Copenhagen

"Risky or not? Finding a way through the forest of peaks in (HRMS data from) food packaging materials"

The quest to discover the unknown has, throughout time, inspired mankind and led to great discoveries. In some cases, the new knowledge has deepened our understanding of the world, but at other times, the increased complexity has left us more confused than before. Accurate and high resolution mass spectrometry (HRMS) is, for the analytical chemist, a tool to enable the discovery of the chemical composition of natural and synthetic materials that surround us – from chemicals, food, drinking water and in our blood, to the composition of, e.g. food packaging. 

HRMS gives us new options to look for what we did not imagine was there, at lower levels, and to identify more of the substances behind the forest of peaks in chromatograms of our samples – but what does it mean?  What risk do all these new compounds pose? Can we quantify them, and should we evaluate all the peaks or only those for which we have good data?  

Taking chemicals such as persistent fluorinated compounds used in food contact paper and board as an example, this talk will explore some of the challenges analytical chemists have in providing data that can be useful input for risk assessment – but also, which possibilities big MS data offer us to better understand the sources and risk management of chemicals in everyday products. 

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