ESAC 2016

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ESAC 2016

The 16th annual Executive Seminar in Analytical Chemistry, ESAC 2016, was held on April 19th 2016.

This unique industry event is an ideal opportunity to learn about the latest developments in analytical instruments from six of the most progressive vendors in the industry, and to hear from leading scientific researchers from all fields of analytical chemistry as they present their experiences, methods and results.

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Special keynote speaker:


Kim Daasbjerg, Professor, Department of Chemistry, Aarhus University.

 "From Basic Research to a Spin-Off Company The RadiSurf Story"

Large as well as small companies are seeking new ways of gaining access to fundamental knowledge to survive in a globalized and extremely competitive world of constant innovation. The universities should be ready to meet this need and become the important knowledge provider in such a game. In our research we attempt to create a common playground for industrial and university research to design, study, and develop the smart materials of the future.

One of the most recent research developments in this field concerns the creation of nanotechnological tools for structuring of namometer thin polymers films (i.e., plastics) on surfaces. Through various chemical approaches, short chains of surface tethered polymer brushes may be attached to a given surface to change its properties completely. In fact, in this way two completely different materials such as a metal and a polymer coating may be made compatible to such an extent that they can no longer be broken. This technology, using typically just 50 nanometer of a thin molecular glue, presents one of the most promising ways of fighting delamination and corrosion, the costs of which are enormous.

The advance of this technology was made possible because basic and applied research was allowed to go hand in hand in a collaborative effort involving both university and industry people. The end result was the establishment of the spin off company, RadiSurf, which now delivers advanced molecularly designed adhesive solutions to the industry. Hence, this talk is also the story of RadiSurf.

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