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Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp (MSD)


MSD: Part of the Solution

For more than 125 years, MSD has contributed to solving some of the greatest global health related challenges. From the first effective treatment of tuberculosis, to the first measles vaccine, to the immunotherapy breakthrough in cancer treatment. We are driven by discovering, developing and delivering innovative drugs that saves and improves lives across the world and many of our drugs are on WHO’s List of Essential Medicines – a list of the most important medicines needed in any health care system.

MSD in Denmark
MSD opened its office in Denmark in 1969, and today we are one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Denmark. We are one of the foreign pharmaceutical companies that invest most in research and innovation in Denmark – 13 % of all clinical trials and 65 % of all clinical research on the Danish hospitals are financed by MSD. We engage in these partnerships with Danish researchers in order to find new and innovative solutions to the challenges the Danish health care system is facing.

Value through partnerships
Partnerships are generally central to MSD. It is at the core of our business, side by side with the ambition of ensuring access to the treatments we are developing. One example of this is MSD’s efforts to exterminate river blindness. In 1987 we discovered a cure against the disease – a discovery that was later rewarded with a Nobel Prize – we then initiated a donation program with involvement of public and private actors in Africa. The collaboration, which is one of the longest in the world, has led to that the disease today is close to exterminated.  

Collaboration and exchange of knowledge
We are also involved in a number of partnerships in Denmark and seek dialogue and collaboration across public and private institutions and organizations. For example, MSD is founding partner of the NEXT Partnership, a national public-private partnership working to strengthen Denmark as a preferred country for early clinical trials.

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