Partner Event: AmCham Security Forum

Balancing the scales of GenAI

Balancing the scales of GenAI

ACFCS Nordic Chapter and SAS, in partnership with AmCham’s Security Forum, are pleased to invite members to an event exploring the implications of Generative AI in Financial Crime.

Artificial Intelligence (AI), especially Generative AI (GenAI), is a buzzword that not many people understand. Though there are good examples of how this technology assists the fincrime community, there has been a slow adoption rate for many reasons. This event will shed some light on this topic and provide insights into how it is used today, the future and pitfalls, and issues that are hiding in the shadows.

Bringing together a variety of industries to discuss views and implications of GenAI in financial crime, including:

  • Regulation of GenAI use-cases
  • Existing financial crime MOs
  • Examples of technology in action
  • Understanding ethical AI in this space

This event is worth 3 CEU.