AmCham's Security Committee

Insurance & Cyber Risk on the Leadership Agenda

Insurance & Cyber Risk: Get Cybersecurity on the Board’s Agenda

AmCham’s Security Committee is pleased to invite you to a discussion about insurance & cyber risk – and how to get cyber security onto the leadership agenda.

How aware are you about your company’s cyber risk – and  how insurers assess your risk?

Insuring cyber risk can be expensive, but you can limit that cost by understanding how that risk is calculated and by making positive changes that both secure your company and impact the bottom line.

Boards do not usually include cyber security experts. In fact, a recent study by Accenture ‘Boosting Boardroom Technology Expertise’ in the financial sector finds that only 6 % of Board Members in Danish banks have proficient IT knowledge. It is clear that a cyber secure framework must be integrated into all aspects of the company, but it starts with putting technology on the Board’s agenda.

Join us for this event where we will offer insights on how to assess and evaluate cyber risk through the lens of a cyber underwriter, and utilizing real cyber incidents, help corporate leaders better understand the need for solid and robust IT and OT security.