Sep 05, 2018

2018 Foreign Investment Summit

On September 5, AmCham, in partnership with Invest in Denmark, held the 2018 Foreign Investment Summit at Eigtveds Pakhus.

This annual summit highlights foreign companies in Denmark; their important contribution to the Danish economy; and what Denmark can do to improve framework conditions in order to attract and retain foreign companies – ultimately creating new jobs and growth.

This year’s theme focused on talent as a key investment driver and how business leaders, universities and political stakeholders can work concertedly together to secure Denmark’s talent pool of the future.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Anders Samuelsen gave the opening keynote where he shared his thoughts on Denmark’s framework conditions for talent attraction. The Danish government is set to present a new strategy to attract international talent later this year.

Chief Economist Steen Bocian from Børsen set the scene with an overview of ‘the Danish investment climate’. Partner and Managing Director Jesper Damm from Boston Consulting Group presented the key findings of their ‘2018 Decoding Global Talent Report’. Rounding out the presentations was Senior Advisor Morten King-Grubert from Future Place Leadership, who shared examples and best practices from regional initiatives focused on attracting international talent.

Panel Discussion
Following the presentations, an expert panel discussed Denmark’s ability to attract, retain and foster talent. And with global competition for investments at an all-time high, talent has become a key parameter to securing company investments.

Panelists included Joachim Knudsen (McDonald’s), André Rogaczewski (Netcompany), Linda Wendelboe (DI) and Anders O. Bjarklev(DTU). There was broad agreement among the panelists that we must all apply pressure on the government and political stakeholders to take action and improve framework conditions to better nurture both Danish and international talent.