Jan 11, 2019

2019 State of American Business: Protecting the American dream

On January 10, U.S. Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Thomas J. Donohue delivered his annual “State of American Business” address, highlighting pro-growth policies that enable workers, families, and businesses to pursue their American dreams. Donohue also discussed key 2019 policy initiatives to support American aspiration, achievement, and innovation.

He laid out the business community’s top policy priorities for the coming year, casting the organization’s agenda as a means for preserving, strengthening, and expanding the American dream.

Tackling the U.S. economy’s workforce challenges—including through education and immigration reform—was labeled by Donohue as a key priority for 2019.

Donohue also highlighted how modernizing America’s infrastructure, leveraging trade, and making it easier for businesses to go and stay public will be top issues for the year ahead. He rebutted talk of an economic downturn as he touted continued low unemployment, rising wages, and strong growth.

“Our challenge today is to preserve, strengthen, and expand the American dream—and put it within the reach of every child, every family, every worker, and every entrepreneur,” said Donohue.

“The Chamber’s agenda for 2019 and beyond is built around this simple idea: to harness our newfound economic strength, do everything we can to keep it going, and to put it to work on behalf of all Americans who hope for a shot at their own unique American dream.”

Additionally, Donohue listed several other issues on which the U.S. Chamber will actively engage this year, including health care, energy, regulation and legal reform, cybersecurity, and technology and intellectual property.

Today’s event marked the 20th delivery of the annual address by Donohue, who has led the U.S. Chamber since 1997.

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