May 27, 2019

How a Performance Culture Drives Engagement & Productivity

On May 24, AmCham’s HR Committee gathered at Kromann-Reumert, to discuss how to develop a high-performance culture, where employees are engaged and motivated during all stages of their careers.

Dansk Erhverv’s Chief HR Consultant, Tina Buch Olsson explained that motivation is the driving force to achieving goals. As too much structure can kill innovation, it is important to balance KPI’s and guidelines with open dialogue. To build a performance culture, leaders must talk to their employees, to find out what motivates them, as well as give both positive and ‘corrective’ feedback regularly. They must also be honest about their own abilities and involve employees in decision making when possible.

From the business perspective, Kenneth Ajslev, CEO Human House & Arbejdsmiljøcentret discussed the concept of ‘Nordic Work Culture’ where he believes employees are committed to create success. However, it is leadership more than performance management that creates a high performance culture (HPC): Performance management tools must be used wisely, otherwise only what gets measured gets done. His keys to developing an HPC are: selecting the right team; sharing the company ‘purpose’; enablement of employees – building their trust.

The event concluded with a Q&A/best practices discussion between the participants & speakers, which was moderated by HR steering group members Charlotte Lundblad (DXC Technology) and Marianne Granhøj (Kromann-Reumert).

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