Jun 18, 2024

AmCham at Folkemødet

What a fantastic time at Folkemødet 2024! AmCham Denmark once again travelled to Allinge, where we engaged with members and core stakeholders. From discussing key policy themes to enjoying the vibrant atmosphere and participating in a wide array of events, it was an enriching experience on all fronts.

We delved into critical discussions on topics such as:

  • Framework conditions for international companies in Denmark
  • The vital role of public-private partnerships in addressing key issues in the life science sector
  • The impact of AI and the importance of thoughtful regulation

AmCham Executive Director, Stephen Brugger, participated in a panel debate hosted by the Organization of Danish Entrepreneurs on the subject “It’s halftime Europe – is the EU regulating itself to death?” And as tradition dictates, we also had the pleasure of hosting AmCham members, political stakeholders and “Friends of America” at our ever-popular American Barbecue on Friday afternoon at Hotel Allinge. Thanks to U.S. Ambassador Alan Leventhal for delivering welcome remarks.

A huge thank you to everyone who joined us for insightful conversations. Looking forward to continuing these discussions in the future.