May 15, 2019

AmCham at Folkemødet: More than 120 Events

With the 2019 Folkemøde rapidly approaching, AmCham provides an overview of member and U.S. Embassy events.

With the 2019 Folkemøde at Bornholm coming up soon companies, politicians and organizations are busy prepping for their debates and events. The political festival attracts more than 110,000 people to the picturesque Allinge every year and with more than 3,000 debates in four days, Folkemødet is at the heart of the Danish democracy.

This year, AmCham’s Stephen Brugger will be participating in:

June 13, 14.30-15.30:Debat: Opsvinget taber pusten – status i global og dansk økonomi” at Berlingske Media (F12)

June 15, 12.00-14.30: AmCham Denmark’s Networking Lunch: “American Barbecue at Hotel Allinge, Storegade 3, 3770 Allinge

June 16, 13.05-14.00:  “The Brexit Club: Brexit & the U.S.” on Radio 24/7

Many of AmCham’s members are actively engaged at Folkemødet, setting focus on a variety of topics ranging from digital transformation, life science, defense cooperation, gender diversity, and climate. In fact, during the four days of Folkemødet, AmCham members will hold more than 120 events at the political festival in Allinge.

AmCham provides you with an overview of member and U.S. Embassy events at Folkemødet. To read more, click here.