Jun 26, 2019

AmCham Members Discover Organic Wines

AmCham members participated in the first Wine Forum dinner, in partnership with Ambassaden & Konsulatet, Nemlig.com & Americanwine.dk.

In recent years, the words Organic, Sustainable and Biodynamic have entered the wine vocabulary with a force – and these wines are becoming the go to for many restaurants, wine sellers & consumers who wish to reduce their footprint on the environment. However sometimes the taste is not what we recognize in the ‘traditional’ wines we drink today.

Participants had the opportunity to taste a fantastic selection of organic & biodynamic wines, while Sommeliers Carsten Pedersen (Nemlig.com) & Keld Johnsen (Americanwine.dk) shared information about the different terminology and the processes of creating these wines.

The wines were paired with a 3-course American dinner, expertly prepared by Ambassaden & Konsulatet’s owner/chef Mads Ganderup Jensen.

To see & purchase wines from the selection, see the wines under ‘Det vi smagte ved vores seneste arrangement‘.

If you wish to receive emails about wine offers and upcoming wine forum events, please contact Therese Oliver (to@amcham.dk)