Mar 11, 2020

AmCham’s HR Committee Launches Its 2020 theme: The Future of Work

AmCham’s HR Committee is pleased to announce the launch of its 2020 program of events!

This year, the HR Committee will focus on “The Future of Work”. The combination of technology, globalization, and shifting demographics are greatly affecting the future of work. But what changes are in store for the workplace, the workforce, and the core of work itself? How will business leaders maximize efficiency while keeping their employees committed and engaged?

Over the next 20 years, nearly half of the jobs could be automated, driven mainly by accelerated advances in AI and cognitive computing. Additionally, workplaces are increasingly virtual & flexible; the overall workforce is becoming more diverse and multigenerational; and most careers are converting from a straight and narrow path to constant change.

In the face of these disruptions, business leaders across industries need to adapt their HR models and re-evaluate their talent profiles, including the skill sets needed for success in the future. By developing a clearly defined company purpose, establishing strong committed leadership and an empowered HR department – leaders can find stability in an uncertain future.


Events Program 2020

May 28: The Future of Work I: “Finding Purpose, Motivation & Engagement”
Technology is rapidly transforming the workplace. Organizational structures are being challenged, job descriptions are being reformed and employees are raising new demands on how to structure their work life. If businesses fail to meet these new realities, they run the risk of losing vital human capital. Aligning company purpose with employee needs and business outcomes will be the key to motivation and engagement for the business of tomorrow. Join us for this ‘Future of Work’ kick-off, where experts will provide their perspectives on the latest trends and developments in the labor market – and how these will impact your business.

Q3: The Future of Work II: “The Role of Technology in Future Leadership & Organizational Development”

The global business environment is undergoing tremendous change where technology and new ways of working have become increasingly important to all aspects of the modern organization. Global disruption has necessitated innovative ways of working to boost/maintain productivity, improve work/life balance and rethink how we interact within the work place and market. We are swimming in a sea of information about the benefits of technology, but how do business leaders choose the right tools to enable their organization’s growth both now and in the future?

During this event we will talk about how organizations embrace technological innovation to their advantage, strengthening workforce capabilities, ensuring data quality, improving candidate and employee experiences, and more. We will hear from business leaders on their journey through crisis management and how they experience the technological impact on providing a culture of innovation, efficiency enhancement and human performance in an organization

Q4: The Future of Work III: “Building an (Efficient) Human-First Workplace”
When we talk about the future of work, we tend to focus on the negative. However, the workplace as we know it is already changing for the better. For employees the future of work is contributing to a better workplace by offering a safer, more fair and transparent workplace; an adaptable place where people can learn the new skills necessary to adapt to different phases in their life – a human-first workplace. For businesses, it is offering a more efficient workplace, where employees are more engaged and motivated. During this event, we will look at the future of work, with all its revolutionary concepts, and frame them into what makes a workplace great for employees, HR managers, and not least, for the company itself.