Apr 26, 2019

AmCham’s Security Committee discusses Insider Threats

AmCham kicked off its Security Committee events program with a relevant discussion on Insider Threats.

The security committee is a new cooperation between AmCham DenmarkOSAC (The Overseas Security Advisory Council) and the U.S. Embassy’s Commercial Service, and aims to advise AmCham member companies and key stakeholders on global and local security risks affecting their business operations – utilizing speakers from the U.S. Embassy’s global network.

The event featured security consultant Patrick Bartlett, who spent 20 years in the United States intelligence community, and focused on the increasing threat from insider attacks, both negligent and malicious. Mr. Bartlett’s presentation targeted the threat from nation-states who are coercing company employees to steal intellectual property – and shared ways to monitor for them.

This was followed by a presentation by Jacob Bentsen, Associate Director of Global Security at Biogen, who discussed some of the ways his organization is prioritizing this issue – all the way up to the highest level.

The session concluded with a Q&A and discussion among the many stakeholders present, on best practices in this area.