Mar 05, 2019

Applying Business Analytics with Bucks Innovate

On March 1, the “AmCham Loft” formed the backdrop for a Power Breakfast on business analytics featuring Brant Steen, CIO of Bucks County Community College/Bucks Innovate.

Steen shared his knowledge of Business Analytics, especially regarding the collection and usage of data. Many companies have collected data, but few manage to use the information or drive it into actionable plans. Hence Steen noted the importance of a business data strategy, to ensure the right questions are asked.

In his presentation, Steen also explored different case studies of international companies, showcasing the practical, intelligent, and ethical use of data in the modern business environment. Last year brought attention to data management among tech companies, as one fell victim to data breach after another, largely, over data not even being used. Even small companies have a wealth of data at their disposal but struggle with using it in practical, applicable ways.

Bucks County Community College is an international leader in continuing education, workforce development, and home to America’s third largest public safety training program.

With over 13,000 degree-seeking students at its three campuses and two training centers in the United States, the College, which is headquartered in Newtown, Pennsylvania, is ready to work in Europe, where it currently has five visiting instructors.