Sep 26, 2019

Bain’s Karen Harris: Labor 2030

On September 25, AmCham partnered with Bain & Company to discuss labor over the next decade. The event was hosted by Radisson Collection Royal Hotel and featured Bain Macro Trends Managing Director, Karen Harris.

The Macro Trends Group’s recent study ‘Labor 2030’ looked at the confluence of aging populations, accelerating automation and rising inequality which will create a more volatile business environment with more extreme economic swings.

This ‘great transformation’ will be extremely disruptive to the labor market. The study shows that automation will affect 80% of workers through wage suppression and job loss. And due to the fact that the skills of today may not be able to quickly adapt to the technology of the future, there will be a lack of qualified talent in the labor market.

There is no set formula for managing through significant macroeconomic upheaval – but the companies who are the most resilient to macroeconomic factors, and adaptable to change, will be the ones that can thrive in the coming decade.

To see the link to Bain’s “Labor 2030” report, click here.