Jun 18, 2024

English debriefing on Health Structure Commission report

Yesterday, AmCham Denmark and Rud Pedersen hosted a debriefing webinar on the newly released recommendations by the Health Structure Commission regarding the future structure of the Danish healthcare system.

Key highlights from the webinar:

  • Health Structure Commission’s Recommendations: The Commission has proposed three distinct structural models along with six key focus areas that are essential regardless of the chosen model.
  • In-depth Analysis: Our debriefing session provided members with a comprehensive overview of these structural models and focus areas, helping to elucidate the Commission’s vision for the future of Danish healthcare. This included the concrete steps involved in the upcoming political process.
  • Resource for Non-Danish Speakers: The slides from the event are now available, offering a valuable resource for understanding these recommendations in English. This is particularly useful for those who are not native Danish speakers.

Thanks to our speakers, Mads Koch, Senior Advisor at Rud Pedersen and former Medical Director at Lillebælt Hospital, and Niels-Ulrik Amdal, Director and Head of Healthcare at Rud Pedersen, for their insightful contributions!

Check out the presentation for a detailed understanding of the proposed models and recommendations.