Dec 15, 2020

EU-US: A New Transatlantic Agenda for Global Change

On December 2, the European Commission and High Representatives proposed a renewed transatlantic vision with an ambitious agenda for global cooperation based on common values, interests, and global influence.

The guiding principles of the new transatlantic agenda: 

  1. The transatlantic partnership should work to advance global common goods, providing a solid base for stronger multilateral cooperation.
  2. The EU and the U.S. should pursue common interests and leverage their collective strength to deliver results on strategic priorities.
  3. The EU-U.S.partnership should always look for solutions that respect their common values of fairness, openness, and competition – including where there are bilateral differences

The renewed enthusiasm and vision for the EU-U.S. relationship is a positive development that further strengthens the transatlantic partnership, the strength of which has the potential to accelerate the economic recovery.

The Commission and the High Representative have invited the European Council to endorse this outline and proposed first steps as a roadmap for a new transatlantic agenda for global cooperation, ahead of its launch at an EU-US Summit in the first half of 2021.

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