Apr 29, 2019

Healthcare Committee Meets Thomas Senderovitz

On April 29, AmCham’s Healthcare Committee held an informal roundtable with Thomas Senderovitz, Director General of the Danish Medicines Agency.

Senderovitz shared his vision for the Danish Medicines Agency – particularly his objective to promote global partnerships and bring innovative treatments closer to the patients. He also shared his insights on the Agency’s new Data Analysis Center and how the data can be used to strengthen the R&D environment and improve patient care.

About AmCham’s Healthcare Committee
AmCham’s Healthcare Committee is an executive forum for research-based Life Science and MedTech Companies and IT companies specializing in healthcare solutions.

Photo: (from left): Thomas Senderovitz (Danish Medicines Agency); Committee Chair Steffen Brygger Lund (MSD) and Sandra Hyo Viborg (AmCham Denmark)