May 28, 2020

HR Committee kicks off Future of Work Program

On May 28, AmCham’s HR Committee held a virtual launch of the 2020 events program “The Future of Work” with a focus on the impact of technology, globalization, and shifting demographics on the workforce – and of course, how COVID-19 has accelerated these changes dramatically.

In the kickoff event titled ‘Finding Purpose, Motivation & Engagement’, the discussion centered around how technological advances are rapidly transforming the workplace, the workforce and the nature of work itself – and what businesses need to do in order to attract and retain vital human capital moving forward.

Jens Riis Andersen, Partner at McKinsey & Company in Copenhagen focused the discussion around digitalization and its impact on the labor force – as well as the opportunity it can provide for employers, to build the workforce of the future.

Michael Carstens, Global Digital Workplace Director shared Carlsberg’s global digitalization plan, where they focus on democratization of the digitalization process, giving all employees across regions and generations the tools and skills they need to succeed.

International Organization of Employers Secretary General Roberto Suarez-Santos works with the UN and many labor organizations to drive policy around the world. His organization studies business trends from the macro level – and how external factors such as global economics, technology, labor shortages, and climate change, create an accelerated pace of change. For these reasons, it is critical that companies begin to consider new strategies within skill building/reskilling; employee flexibility & autonomy (where feasible);  as well as to consider the triple bottom line: profit, alongside social and environmental impact.

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