May 01, 2019

Claus Meyer: I didn’t know the nature of running a business in the U.S.

On April 30, AmCham members gathered at The Standard, the former ‘custom house,’ for an afternoon of inspiration with world-renowned restaurateur Claus Meyer, who together with his partners, runs three restaurants at The Standard: Almanak, The Studio, and the new Mission Restaurant.

In June 2016, Danish chef Claus Meyer opened two restaurants in New York, bringing culinary concepts from the Nordic countries to the US. During the afternoon’s session, he shared his experiences with starting up his businesses in the US, sharing some key takeaways:

“I have made more mistakes in the U.S. than I’ve made in my whole life. A key learning from my U.S. journey must be to be more critical when you’re away from known ground. I didn’t know the nature of running a business in the U.S. and that made the journey bumpier than it otherwise would have been”, said Claus Meyer.

Claus Meyer gave a personal and engaging presentation of his entire business journey, and he also gave examples of the drive and motivation needed to overcome the inevitable obstacles when operating in a different business culture.

After the presentation participants were treated to a wine reception with delicious food samples at The Standard’s Mission restaurant, a California-inspired Mediterranean concept eatery.