Aug 21, 2019

IBM Gives Refugee Students Relevant Work Experience

AmCham partner Foreningen Nydansker has launched a new CSR-program focusing on refugee university students which aims to accelerate the integration of refugees into the Danish labor market.

In collaboration Foreningen Nydansker, IBM has employed four refugees who are currently studying at the university. On LinkedIn, Sanne Urbak, Corporate Citizenship & University Relations Manager, IBM Denmark, explains why IBM chose to be a part of this initiative:

”First of all, it gives refugees a closer connection to the Danish labor market while also being a unique opportunity for their future work life. We believe, that we as a company can contribute to this, and that is why we do it.

Second, there’s a strategic perspective in relations to our recruitment in IBM. The students are studying an education relevant to IBM, and it is our dream that they will end up becoming regular IBM student workers, later IBM Graduates and maybe even young professionals. The initiative supports our diversity and inclusion profile, and being an equal opportunity employer, as we call ourselves, it is necessary for us as a company to continue to be innovative and relevant today and in the future.”

AmCham Denmark Serves As A Business Partner
AmCham Denmark, in partnership with the U.S. Embassy in Copenhagen and Foreningen Nydansker, has launched a great initiative of refugee mentoring and internship programs. AmCham serves as a business partner on these programs by supporting Foreningen Nydansker in developing and evaluating career programs for highly skilled refugees.

In May, AmCham Denmark hosted a ‘Storytelling on Social Media’ workshop with a group of highly-skilled refugees, who have participated in Foreningen Nydansker’s (Association New Dane) mentoring or internship programs.