Sep 24, 2019

Life Science and the Capital Region

On September 23, AmCham’s Healthcare Committee held an informal roundtable with Svend Særkjær, CEO of the Capital Region.

Svend Særkjær engaged in an in-depth discussion on his vision for the Danish life science industry and the role of international companies in the Capital Region. Særkjær shared the Capital Region’s key focus for the coming years with particular focus on improving hospital care, creating a holistic healthcare system and bringing treatments closer to the patients – preferably at home. He also touched upon the use of data and how public-private partnerships can help improve diagnostics and treatments for the better of the patients.

About Svend Særkjær
Svend Særkjær took on his new position as CEO of the Capital Region on January 1, 2019. Since 2015, he served as the Director of Region Northern Jutland and has previously worked in senior positions in various ministries including the Ministry of Health.

About AmCham’s Healthcare Committee
AmCham’s Healthcare Committee is an executive forum for research-based Life Science and MedTech Companies and IT companies specializing in healthcare solutions