Apr 29, 2020

Meet Kamstrup – A finalist for the 2020 Transatlantic Company of the Year

For over 70 years utilities have trusted Kamstrup to deliver reliable metering solutions. While other companies continue to offshore production, Kamstrup made the strategic decision six years ago to bring its high-quality Danish innovation to the U.S. market. Since its inception, impressive year over year growth warranted the opening of the first production facility outside of Denmark, in the USA, enabling closer proximity to customers and partners, allowing for rapid implementation.

Kamstrup has shown double-digit growth every year since entering the U.S. market. The growth trend is expected to continue, with a projected growth increase of 300% over the next 10 years. It’s important to note that globally, Kamstrup has seen a 14% growth in 2018 and maintains a history of YOY profitable growth.

Kamstrup’s global commitment to R&D is approximately 13.5% of sales – with over 300 employees focused on R&D globally.

Kamstrup began operating in the United States in 2013, and just 5 years later, Kamstrup celebrated the opening of its first state-of-the-art manufacturing production facility outside of Denmark – in the USA. Due to rapid growth in the market and increased need for efficiency, the manufacturing facility doubled in size and capabilities only one year after opening. Local production in the U.S. enables the development and distribution of products specifically for North American customers, reducing lead time and providing greater scale and flexibility than their competitors.

Based on Kamstrup’s 25+ years’ experience in the water industry, they deliver smart metering solutions from individual meters, remote reading systems, and service solutions. Kamstrup is able to provide customers state-of-the-art ultrasonic solid-state water meters with industry-leading low flow pinpoint accuracy of 0.015GPM.

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