Jun 10, 2020

Navigating Stress Points in US / DK Business Culture

On June 9, AmCham held a virtual event with author & cultural specialist Kay Xander Mellish on navigating stress points between Danes and Americans in the workplace.

Danes and Americans usually work well together – but they can also misunderstand each other. Kay Xander Mellish shared advice from her latest book:  Working with Americans: Tips for Danes, which sheds light on some of the most common issues that occur in the workplace between these two cultures.

For example, where Danes feel it is important to present a calm and collected exterior at work, energetic Americans might see a lack of ambition or boredom. Where American bosses want to know everything that is going on, Danes may feel micromanaged.

Using her broad experience consulting with companies on cultural differences, Kay shared tips on how to bridge the gap and promote good cooperation in the workplace.