May 06, 2020

New frontiers for innovation are out-performing Silicon Valley

On May 5, AmCham Denmark, in partnership with Tatarklubben, held a virtual event with Harvard Business Review author and Professor Alex Lazarow on how to out-innovate your business through the Covid-19 crisis.

Over the past few decades, Silicon Valley has codified what a startup should look like, dictated how it should be built, and defined what its culture should be. However, the Silicon Valley model doesn’t work everywhere.

In his book, OUT-INNOVATE: Alex Lazarow shared how global entrepreneurs are rewriting the rules of the Silicon Valley ecosystem – in new ‘frontiers’ around the world where entrepreneurs are out-innovating their Silicon Valley counterparts.

The COVID 19 pandemic has revealed how Silicon Valley’s focus on breeding unicorns has failed; Silicon Valley’s blasé approach of moving fast and breaking things is not tolerable when acceptance of risk is lower and the consequences of failure are high. Frontier Innovators raises camels that can capitalize on opportunity but also survive a drought. They do not focus on growth at any cost, but sustainability and resilience. Frontier Innovators manage risk, build customer trust, and formalize their industries.

To see the webinar, click here.