Oct 04, 2020

New English Language Podcast on U.S. Presidential Election: Pollster US 2020 – Trump v Biden

The Danish podcast Pollster has teamed up with U.S. political strategists Jim Arkedis (D) and Chip Felkel (R) to produce a 5-part series of English-language podcasts, in which they dissect the red and blue strategies behind the U.S. election 2020 in the weeks leading up to November 3rd. The podcast is aimed at an European audience with a specific interest in U.S. politics.

The Pollster US 2020 – Trump v Biden podcast is hosted by Sune Steffen Hansen, who is the co-host of the political podcast Pollster in Danish, Partner & Public Affairs Director at Rud Pederson, and former political advisor for the Social Democratic Party in the Danish Parliament.

Chip Felkel is a Republican from South Carolina, who is the CEO of Felkel Group and co-creator of RAP Index. Mr. Felkel is also a veteran public and political affairs strategist to C-suite decision makers of Fortune 500’s, privately held companies as well as national organizations. He served in strategic roles with Bush-Quayle ‘88, Bush-Cheney 2000 and 2004 and hundreds of races while at the RNC and SC GOP.

Jim Arkedis is a Democrat from Washington D.C., who is the founder of Electica – the first transatlantic digital consulting firm. In the 2020 Presidential Election, Jim consults on research and messaging with the Strategic Victory Fund, an independent organization supporting Joe Biden and the Democrats in key battleground states.

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