Dec 20, 2019

Roche Forms Partnership with Copenhagen University

AmCham Elite Partner Roche has formed a new partnership with Copenhagen University, which is aimed at ensuring a closer cooperation and dialogue between the academic institution and Roche.

The partnership’s objective is to establish a platform for developing specific projects where university researchers and students can engage in dialogue with Roche when developing new innovative solutions. In addition, Roche can contribute with their insights by providing guest lecturers for teaching sessions in order to spur a closer professional sparring across the board.

Furthermore, the partnership should also foster and grow talented students and researchers who wants to capitalize on their scientific research by contributing to the development of new innovative solutions. The objective is to strengthen young talents’ knowledge and ambitions for entrepreneurship and building start-ups.

General Manager of Roche Richard Wright states, “Denmark has a great pool of talented researchers and students, who are continuously developing inspiring and creative innovative ideas. But in order for these ideas to develop into actual solutions that will benefit patients and society in general, it is vital to allow students to develop and test out their ideas for commercial potential. With this partnership agreement, Roche is leading the way for increased cooperation between universities and the industry, which can lead to the introduction of new innovative solutions in treating patients.

To read more, click here (in Danish).