May 22, 2020

State-by-State Business Reopening Guidance

Across America, business leaders are restarting the nation’s economic engines and employees are returning to work. However, this process is taking place gradually and non-uniformly across the country depending on regional differences in the prevalence of COVID-19.

In some states, for example, masks are required; in others, they’re suggested. In some states, mask requirements apply only to employees, while in others, customers must wear them, too. In some states, employers are required to screen employees before shifts begin; in others, it’s required after each shift. In still others, it’s not required at all. Meanwhile, some states are leaning on questionnaires, but even then, the questions and retention rules vary.

To help track the differences across each state and provide the latest guidance and information to America’s employers, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce has launched the following interactive state map and state guides. Here you will find the latest guidelines, timelines, and other critical information for businesses aiming to restart safely and sustainably amid the pandemic, as well as (at the bottom of each state profile) a link to the latest information for employers in that state.

See the interactive state map here.