Nov 11, 2019

Technology Forces us to Consider Ethics & Bias

On November 8, AmCham partnered with Tatarklubben on an event featuring Harvard Business Review author and Top Thinker David Weinberger about his book ‘Everyday Chaos.’

Artificial intelligence, big data, modern science, and the internet are all revealing a fundamental truth: The world is vastly more complex and unpredictable than we’ve allowed ourselves to see.

Mr. Weinberger is a pioneering thought leader about the internet’s effect on our lives, on our businesses, and most of all, on our ideas. Technology today is forcing us to question ethical dilemmas and the prevalence of bias in our society, and decide what -if anything- we are willing to compromise to live the way that we want.

To illustrate the point, attendees took part in table workshops where they were presented several ethical dilemmas including determining the features for a self-driving car, where one might have to accept a certain percentage of casualties in order to have a viable means of transportation. These scenarios created very lively discussions and brought home the message of the challenges we are facing as we move forward with these technologies.

AmCham would also like to thank our airline partner Air France – KLM – Delta for making this event possible.

To view David Weinberger’s presentation, click here.