Oct 28, 2020

The California Wine Weeks Restaurant Campaign

The California Wine Institute has teamed up with 19 Danish wine importers to support the restaurant industry while promoting California wines with the California Wine Weeks campaign.

During the month of November, wines from the Golden State will be on a special wine menu in 33 Danish restaurants and wine bars. This campaign also takes place in 7 other European countries, and in total there are more than 500 restaurants that put California wines in focus.

To find a restaurant and make a reservations for California Wine Weeks, visit this website. To see wine offer timeframes for each restaurant, click here.

Once a week, guests can win 6 bottles of California wine by posting an Instagram photo from their dining experience at @californiawineseurope #californiawineweeks

In doing so, you will help support Denmark’s fantastic restaurants, all of which will provide you with a safe and tasty experience!