Dec 04, 2020

Building an Efficient, Human-First Workplace

On December 3, AmCham’s HR Committee gathered for the final installment of ‘The Future of Work” series entitled “Building an (efficient) Human First Workplace.” The discussion focused on the evolution from traditional ‘management’ towards ‘leadership’, in order to keep employees more engaged and motivated.

Roche’s General Manager, Richard Wright talked about the recent global  reorganization where Roche decentralized leadership, flattened hierarchy, and asked employees to work in a whole new way. Through this process, Roche has learned to become a more efficient and effective organization. “For leaders, it is important to consider employees as the most important component in the organization. If you do this – the rest will fall into place.”

IBM’s HR Director Anne Marie Ravn reflected on the importance of working with employees to ensure they have the skills for the future, along with ensuring physical and emotional well-being, especially in the current time of virtual work. “Leadership is not about being a hero, but about taking care of people.”

As a leader and operator, Amgen’s Country Director, Tore von Würden needs to keep his eye on creating value every day. Throughout his 14 years in leadership, he found the importance of creating diverse teams, and away from teams of ‘like-minded’ people. “In this way, we can meet our targets and tackle the challenges we meet every day.”

Moderator Anja Stentoft Jacobsen works for Aperian Global, whose mission is to help organizations communicate and lead across borders. Anja brought the focus of the discussion towards the challenges of communicating during COVID, because when operating virtually, it is important to make every voice in the team count. “By utilizing ‘synchronous and asynchronous technologies’ you can get input from all members of the team, even the less vocal ones.”

All agreed that building a workplace that is great for employees, will be beneficial to the company itself.

Download Anne Marie Ravn’s (IBM) slides here
Download Tore Von Würden’s (Amgen) slides here
Download Anja Stentoft Jacobsen’s (Aperian Global) slides here