The Media & the General Election with Nina Munch-Perrin

PowerBreakfast: The Media & the Election with Nina Munch-Perrin

AmCham’s Policy Committee is pleased to present a PowerBreakfast on the role of the media during the upcoming election with DR TV News Anchor Nina Munch-Perrin.

At this roundtable discussion, Nina Munch-Perrin will share her perspective on the current media landscape ahead of the election: What are the major challenges for the media when covering a fast-paced election? How does DR navigate in a heavy news flow in the era of fake news and soundbites? And how does she consider her responsibility as a source of information for voters?

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to engage in a highly interesting and timely discussion with one of Danish media’s top presenters!

This event is open to all AmCham members.

About Nina Munch-Perrin
Since December 2018, Nina Munch-Perrin has served as a TV news anchor on the Danish National Broadcasting Corporation DR. She has previously worked as DR’s business reporter (2012-2015) but is now returning to the news room to present the late evening news. Munch-Perrin has recently served as Communications Director for the business association Finance Denmark. She has also previously worked for the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten, the business daily Børsen and TV2 Finance.