AmCham's HR Committee

Agile HR: Leadership During Crisis

Agile HR: Leadership During Crisis

AmCham’s HR Committee is pleased to invite you to the 3rd installment of the “Agile HR” theme for 2021 focusing on “Leadership During Crisis.”

The theme “Agile HR,” focuses on building responsiveness and adaptability into the HR organization, which in turn supports business agility. During this event we will look at HR’s role in crisis planning and management, and the lessons learned one year into the COVID crisis, including how an agile approach can help to prepare for extreme uncertainty.

Join us as we get a perspective from leaders and HR Directors on how their companies are preparing for extreme uncertainty in the future, by touching upon the following points:

  • Successes and stumbling blocks during COVID that have led to new strategies
  • The importance of leadership visibility during uncertain times
  • How internal and external  communications plays a role during crisis
  • Impact of team diversity on an innovative approach

We look forward to seeing you ‘in person’ at this event at Kromann Reumert in Copenhagen!