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AI in HR: Exploring Real-World Tools

AI in HR: Exploring Real-World Tools

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AmCham’s HR Committee is pleased to announce our theme for 2024 where we will investigate artificial intelligence in organizational HR, and invite you to our first event in the program entitled Exploring Real-World Tools.

AI tools are offering efficiency within the HR department by automating tasks, improving decision-making, and enhancing the overall employee experience. However, there are challenges related to job displacement, ethical concerns, bias, and the need to balance technology with the human touch. This year the Committee will facilitate a program for both business leaders and HR professionals to help shed some light on this ‘hot topic’ — to navigate the opportunities and understand potential pitfalls.

During our first event we will delve into a dynamic discussion exploring the myriad options, strategies, fears, and considerations surrounding AI implementation within HR, where we’ll gain insights into how organizations are navigating the integration of AI tools into their workforce and discover practical applications reshaping HR practices in performance management, talent acquisition, and beyond.

Speakers will be announced shortly, so check back with us soon.

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